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These United States/Timeclickonline O3: The Ones Who Can

These United States/Timeclickonline O3: The Ones Who Can : ginal-width="513" height="320" src="

Checkout Line

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"To No Reply"

                          For in the night; and as she cried, the Angels wept a sullen sigh.                     Some heard the noise and we tried to explain, but this song sung                           It has no name. Words that are written knowing of no fame                      Mainly remorse and the sharing of blame                            Farther and Farther into something like darkness                      Blindly turning cold in every way. Prayers made in advance,                             As they face another day. As the counterfeit leaves the senses                       Please forgive again, For surely they were mindful of the way.                            God hear one prayer, although there's been plenty                       This one goes out for the souls of many. For in the night;                                And when she cries,                                 Although as yet to no Reply.                         Farther and Farther into certain darkness,