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Over the Cliff

  I just watched on the news where some guy killed 8 people in Indianapolis. The saddest part of the whole story is that it's become commonplace. To be honest I don't watch the news that much. I had decided that when I watch the news it just brings me down. I can't control any of it. So I just decided to turn away from it. I figured that if I just focused on myself then I would be alright. That was until Thursday the 15th.

    I'm not sure what the statistics are but it seems like once a week now there's a murder spree in some major city. Well it got awfully close to home this time. Honestly I don't know what to accomplish by writing this. The gun problem in the United States is well beyond repair. That shipped sailed at least 30 years ago. The only way I know to fix any of these problems that we're faced with is to look inward. 

   We can't stand by and wait for and answer from CNN or Facebook while we sit by and watch our country fall off this cliff. That's exactly what we are doing to. Running blindfold, eyes shut, our image completely masked over by lies as we jump off this cliff. It's easy to talk about it though. Lately I can't even fix my own problems.

   That's how I know how bad It's getting. When I, a person who knows exactly what time we're living in still turns away from the truth, then people we have a problem. I still believe that I can only fix myself though. Today I ask the reader to look inside yourself and see if you can come up with the answers of today. If we can't solve them then we'll just have to try again tomorrow. It's a slow steady process and we have to be patient. That's the only divine wisdom I can give. Keep trying to live right and slowly God will give you the answers.                              

                                                                     One mans perspective.   O3


  1. One community, One person, One problem at a time that's how we'll fix this country.


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