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       Lately I have been wondering, worrying even if God is still paying attention. I have found myself moving in the wrong direction. There was a time not that long ago when I felt like I had God's ear. I felt like the light had finally come on in a world of darkness. For whatever reason though when I felt like I might not live another day God started leaving some not so subtle little hints that everything I had instinctively felt was true. That there was a greater force holding all this together. I finally started seeing the beauty of life, of what life really is. I felt like God spoke to me everyday in many different ways.       I'm not so sure when I quit hearing or maybe I just quit listening but at some point I feel like I was left alone to make my own decisions. My own free will you might say. It's easy to speak of living the right way or to speak of doing good deeds for people. It's quite another thing to live the"upright", "straightway" tha

Over the Cliff